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Here at The California Green Cross, we believe giving back is very important. We not only want to ensure our patients get the best deals in town but that our patients always receive a complimentary gift with every order. Take a look at what you get with each order below. Who knew cannabis delivery could be so much fun! That's why our customers call us the best Sacramento cannabis club around!!

1st Order - 1.0g Elite Shelf

First time gift - 1.0g Elite Shelf.

*Can not combine with a coupon

Weed delivery Sacramento!

2nd Order - Free Grinder

What's more annoying than having to break down your flower when you're in a rush? Well no need to anymore! 2nd time patients receive a free Grinder with their order!

3rd Order - Top Shelf Cone Joint

On your 3rd order, enjoy a Top Shelf Cone Preroll Joint! Rolled with premium cannabis flower, this joint is sure to put you down for a couple hours!

4th Order - Free Lighter

What's worse than when you're getting ready to medicate and you can't find a single lighter in your house? Our 4th time patients will receive a complimentary Lighter!

5th Order - 50mg Edible

Have to go to work and don't feel like smelling like cannabis? Well this edible is sure to do the job! 5th Time Patients will enjoy a complimentary edible. Minimum 5 doses! 50mg minimum!

6th Order - Free Glass Pipe

Who says "No" to a extra back up smoking device? Our 6th time patients will receive a complimentary glass or metal pipe with their order!

7th Order - Large Edible

Careful! This edible is not for one sitting...Minimum of 100mg to 200mg, this edible will have you sky high for hours! 

8th Order - 1/2 Gram Concentrate

Our 8th time returning patient will receive a complimentary half gram of concentrate. It doesn't get any better than that!

9th Order - Mystery Box

This is where it gets fun! Our 9th time returning patients will get a go at the Mystery Box! The mystery box can contain anything from 1gram of wax to an 1/4th of premium cannibus and many other great gifts!

10th Order - 1 Foot Long Premium Rolled Cone Joint

No one has topped this gift! Our 10th time Patients receive a 1 foot long Premium Joint. Ranging from 11-14 grams of premium cannabis, this joint will burn for up to a half hour or longer! Can't wait? Check out our menu and place an order for one now... Go ahead...just say it, We're the best Sacramento cannabis club )

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