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A Canna-Christmas, Tips for Sharing Edibles During the Holidays

Another #holiday season approaches, and #recreational availability of #legalcannabis products has spread across the U.S. like wildfire. With that being said, you may be extremely tempted to incorporate the wonderful flower into your family engagements. Whether you want to swap that #Thanksgiving pie or those #Christmas cookies for some wonderful edible treats, we have some great tips to make that the smoothest experience as possible.

Honesty! The best quality.

First and foremost, be honest and straightforward about the incorporation of #cannabis products. Now that legality has been normalized, many people are coming out as cannabis users to their family for the first time. With all the festivities and joyous holiday spirit, it’s a time to be open. Even presenting an opportunity to break the stereotypes. While a lot of families are accepting of cannabis use, many are surprised at the functionality of a daily #user. It’s best to be open about consumption, to educate people about the benefits, and to fight stigma that “#stoners” can’t be productive. With that being said, thanksgiving is one of the biggest food #holidays of the year, so what better way then to spark your appetite with a low dose #edible. The chef will surely appreciate the gratitude expressed when your shoveling down the deliciousness.

Don’t be pushy!

While you should be #comfortable sharing yourself and experiences with your family & friends, don’t be the one to be forcing drugs on anyone. Remember everyone can be effected differently from cannabis, an amazing #experience for you, could be quite the opposite for someone else. Also respect house #rules, if the host isn’t down then it’s that simple.

Eat First!

This being the opposite of #alcohol, while eating beforehand can decrease intoxication. You need #food in your stomach to help with the metabolic process that comes with #edibles. Make sure you eat a nice breakfast, or maybe have some #appetizers before ingesting any Cannabis. It takes up to two hours for an edible to kick in after eating it, make sure you keep that in mind when planning.

Cannabis & Alcohol, Only for the experienced.

Unless you are experienced in cannabis and alcohol #consumption, it is strongly recommended to avoid mixing the two. The two combine forces when taken together, leading you to feel more drunk and #stoned then planned. (The spins can be awful)

Share! Share! Share! Remember 21+

Being around family can be quite difficult or draining, cannabis makes it easier and genuinely a more #enjoyable experience. #THC is great for curbing #anxiety, and even better you’ll secure your spot as the favorite cousin.

Now you don’t want someone to accidentally consume #marijuana and not be aware, meaning #labeling is important. We recommend sticking to #lowdose edibles or a #tincture that way you can offer it to people, and they know exactly what they are getting into.

No Driving!

Driving under the influence of cannabis, is illegal in just about every state. The drug can affect cognitive abilities including motor coordination, visibility, and #focus. #Besmart when #undertheinfluence of cannabis or other substances. Public transit is a good option, as well as #ridesharing services.

Slow and steady wins the race!

The holiday #season is long lasting, with the event itself being the end gate. It’s easy to over indulge on those delicious feasts, especially when you’re #dosing with cannabis. The golden rule: You can always take more, but you can’t go back and take less. Many experienced edible #users don’t take more then #5mg of THC at a time. A great reason to have #candy #gummies around. They typically come in low doses giving you a very #controlled experience. New users shouldn’t take more then ten milligrams to start, then give it up to two hours before dosing again.

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