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Benefits of Medical Marijuana – Cannabis, is it Good for You?

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hasn’t yet approved cannabis for medicinal use, but you can find medicines that contain cannabinoids, which is one of the chemicals found in the marijuana plant. As new research continues to help reveal medical marijuana benefits, stigmas attached to weed are declining, and its popularity is rising.

It Can #Fight, #Regulate and #Prevent Several Diseases

While you might have heard many people say that weed can cause diseases, scientific research and studies show that it can help cure many diseases and physical problems. From helping fight Glaucoma, controlling epileptic seizures, helping prevent cancer from spreading, slowing Alzheimer’s, easing multiple sclerosis pain, reducing Hepatitis C side-effects, treating inflammatory bowels, relieving arthritispain, helping you get through chemo and a lot more.You might be wondering if medical marijuana has so many benefits, why isn’t it legal already? Well, the big pharmaceutical companies can crumble down if a naturally growing, and “dirt-cheap” medicinal plant becomes legal. Despite that, medical cannabis is starting to become legal in some of the states, with more sure to follow.

Lose #Weight and Improve #Metabolism

Weed has been shown to regulate insulin production and helps the body manage daily calorie intake more efficiently. This is why, on average, weed smokers are slimmer than non-smokers.

Can Help Fight #Anxiety and #Depression

Weed kicks anxiety and depression out of user’s mind and is one of the most prominent impacts of the drug. A 2010 research carried out at Harvard Medical School showed that one of the main benefits is that it helps improve the user’s mood and can even act as a mild sedative.

Alternative to #Addictions

Recent studies show that people find it easier to gravitate towards weed from all other forms of dangerous addictions. This is the biggest of many amazing weed health benefits and can save millions of previous lives that succumb to lethal hard drugs.

Spurs #Mental #Creativity and Helps #Focus

In total contrast to the stoner stereotype, medicinal marijuana can increase creativity and help people focus on their job. While weed might not have a great impact on short-term memory, people perform well at tests where they are required to come up with inventive ideas. Studies confirm that medical cannabis improves creativityand instead of making you stupid, it actually makes you smarter.

Helps Reverse Negative Impacts of Smoking Tobacco On Lungs

A groundbreaking study published in 2012 shocked many marijuana critics. It showed that marijuana does not have any severe effects on your lungs, rather it can actually eliminate the side-effects of long-term #tobacco smoking, provided you quit smoking cigarettes. More than five thousand subjects were involved, and the result showed that tobacco smokers’ lung health deteriorated over time. However, weed smokers, on the other hand, showed an increase in lung capacity.

Helpful for Easing PTSD

Good news for the veterans who have Post traumatic Stress Disorder (#PTSD): the medical benefits of marijuana make it a great choice for relaxation. Also, PTSD can be caused by reasons other than the experiences during a war. In fact, weed is the only medication that works on relieving the stress associated with PTSD. In New Mexico, a large number of people have been issued a license for medical marijuana to counter PTSD, plus more and more states are approving use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. What’s more, recently the Department of Health and Human Services signed off a study on marijuana’s capabilities to augment the process of treating posttraumatic stress disorder.

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