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Different Smoking Devices, Exploring The Art of Inhalation.

When first diving into the world of #cannabis it is easy to quickly become overwhelmed with the amount of pieces or pipes/bongs available, from silicone, wood, glass, stone, and so many materials. At California Green Cross, we're professionals in all things cannabis were going to help get you started.

With cannabis getting #legalized all across the U.S.  many people are just discovering the many different #smokingmethods. Here, were going to discuss all the different ways to burn your flower. This includes variation in glass designs, the benefits and drawbacks of each one and how to use them accordingly.


Pipes - Bongs and Everything in Between

Basic hand pipe or Spoon

This is your standard smoking #device, these are definitely the most common. It has a pretty simple setup, with just a bowl, mouthpiece and a carb-(a hole allowing you to clear the chamber). They come in a variety of designs.

Chillum or Taster

A small straight #glass #pipe, with only a mouthpiece and a #bowl. No carb due to it's small size. Typically these pipes are great for tasting but be careful not to pull to hard or you'll get ash in your mouth. I recommend a screen. Also great for a few quick hits.


Now a #bubbler can come in a few different ways. Most common is the one piece bubbler. Its essentially a spoon pipe with a little glass tube and chamber that dips into water for filtration.  The other sort of bubber is similar just with removable pieces such as a down stem and a bowl. We'll get more into those pieces when we cover bongs. Bubblers are great for getting a nice smooth hit without taking in too much, wonderful flavor with no burn. Some problems I often face with the: if  they're too small you may get water in your mouth, maintaining cleanliness can be a hassle, not very portable due to the fact you need to empty and fill it every time you take it somewhere. If i'm at home, give me the #bong!


Glass Bong Variations

My personal favorite, the #waterpipe or bong. Featuring a water filtration chamber which the smoke gets diffused into when pulled through the #downstem. These devices are much bigger, smoother and offer a cooler smoking experience. Great for taking huge rips too. Bongs may or may not feature additional percolators beyond the downstem, these are typically located in the tube, too many will add quite a bit of drag though and be hard to hit through.

Beaker Bong

A water pipe with a triangular bottom base chamber similar to that of a beaker. Always requiring a downstem due to their shape and size. Typically chugs pretty hard, can be found with additional percolators in the tube. 

Straight Tube

A straight tube water pipe can come in two ways. It can require a downstem at an angle or no downstem at all. The entire piece keeps the same diameter except for the downstem port. Typically offers huge hits with no inhalation effort, or drag.

The Rig/Stemless Bong

Typically used for #concentrates, the glass pieces usually feature a bent neck and built in downstem with multiple percolation designs. Almost always light drag with this pieces, due to the high potency of dabs or wax.