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DYI: Smoking with Fruits and Veggies

Whether you're in a tight pinch with nothing to #smoke out of or you're just looking to channel a little creativity, these #fruits & #veggies can be a fun flavorful way to #consumecannabis. First were going to go over some handy tools you may have lying around your house. Then we'll cover how to make a #pipe out of everything from Apples to Zucchini.


STEP 1: Gather the #Tools

Sculpting tools:

1. Chopsticks/Skewers

Great for puncturing to create an airway for your smoke to travel through. 

2. Sharp Knife

For cutting or slicing through some of the tougher areas.

3. Hollow Pen

Can be used like a skewer

4. Small Spoon

Great for scooping out placement of a bowl after a cut has been made


STEP 2: #Produce the #Pipe

Now that you have your tools, lets get started! Make sure you have some napkins and foil although not necessary.

Apple: This a pretty straightforward one. What your going to want to do is remove the stem, then take your spoon or knife and carve a bowl shape into the top, then poke a little hole in the bottom with your skewer you want the hole to reach the apples core. Next take your pen shell and push it through the side of the apple, intersecting with the core. Leave the pen inside a little bit so you have a straw to inhale through. Pack your dankies in the top Light up and take off!

Banana: This pipe is definitely sure to blow some minds. First what your going to want to do is take your sharp knife, n' cut off an inch of the end opposite of the long stem.  This is going to be your bowl piece, hollow out the banana leaving a bowl shaped peel. set this aside for now. Next, take the bigger half of your banana and push a hole into the middle of the open end. making sure not to poke a hole all the way through. make another hole on the side of the banana intersecting with the tunnel you've made, this is where your bowl piece will go. Now take the banana carve out a little slot for the bowl piece you just made, just enough to make it nice and snug. Make sure your bowl has a hole at the bottom. Once its all together, pack that sticky icky and toke away.

Avocado: Similar to the other fruits, Poke a hole at the top of the avocado (the skinny part), going into to the center. Next, make a small finger size cut on the side, which will be your carb. Finally, make another hole on the top of the avocado, which will be the bowl area. If you need to pack more herb in your pipe, add in another avocado. Make the second avocado into a bowl extension like the bananas, which will let you pack more bud. Put this piece into the bowl area, and toke up.

Pear: Similar to the apple, the pear makes a great easy smoking utensil. Master the recipe for the apple pipe, and the pear will be yours for the taking.

Jalapeno: In a quick pinch when you just need a #chillum, this spicy bad boy is the hero that saves the day! Rip off the stem, poke a whole through the center, bite the tip, make sure there's a tunnel and pack your herb. BOOM! A quick spicy solution to a stoners tight situation.

Zucchini: The Zucchini makes for a great #steamroller, easy to tunnel through, and easy to find in a large enough size. This pipe beats a water bottle any day. Crafted like the banana, this pipe you're going to want to cut off an end, to fashion a bowl piece. Next create a tunnel through the zucchini making sure not to poke through the opposite end. Now make an incision from the opposite end, scoop some of the Zucchini out, make a nice tight fit for your bowl piece. Should be a sufficient device to take some fat rips.

Remember, the possibilities are endless! With a little creativity, you can make a #pipe or #bong with virtually anything!

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