Easing Your Mind this Holiday Season

Holiday's are always represented as a fun, carefree, joyous occasion. Unfortunately, for many of us, with all the commotion it can be the perfect recipe for stress.

A survey done in a small city, reported nearly forty percent of residents saying their stress levels were increased during the season. With most of the factors being: Struggling with extra time and money, pressure from exchanging gifts, and family gatherings. Where as another survey reported nearly sixty five percent consider holidays to be stressful, with money being a huge factor inducing anxiety.

Holiday's are infamous for being a stressful time as families decorate their homes, shop for presents, and arrange travel plans while  handling the usual day-to-day tasks. Even though the result is well worth it, catching up with family and enjoying their company. The stress buildup can be extremely unhealthy and overwhelming.

Now we may not be able to avoid our families, or make them more tolerable. Cannabis can be a sure fire way to alleviate some of that holiday stress. There's a reason "stoners" always seem so chill. A research study shows on average, medical marijuana users experienced a fifty eight percent decrease in anxiety and stress shortly after smoking. Pressure around the holiday season is enough to push anyone over the edge, cannabis is perfect for managing that.

Stress/Anxiety Management with Cannabis

If there's a large event or gathering that is stressing you out, such as a family gathering or a shopping trip, it's recommended beforehand to take that edge off. Although, there can be some drawbacks since intoxication can mess with work performance and other responsibilities, if that is of concern it's best to stick to a low dose right before bed. The benefits will still be seen the next day.

Some people claim that stress reduction from pot can depend on whether you're using an #indica or #sativa, doctors say otherwise. There are so many strains, that the chemical composition of individual strains overlap so much there's no clear difference for assessing medical outcomes. The most important thing to pay attention to is CBD:THC #ratio. If you don't have much experience in the marijuana industry, it's probably best to start with a CBD heavy strain, as they will be more relaxing without an overpowering high. CBD interacts directly with your #endocannabinoid system to regulate important factors that can be responsible for mood stabilization. Considerably one of the best alternative to pharmaceuticals such as prescription anxiety medication, which can often come with a bunch of unwanted side effects.

Some people do find that the complete opposite works better for them. #THC also has great therapeutic benefits so you may want to try a few varieties. Fifteen to twenty percent THC is recommended to take advantage of the synergistic actions of different cannabis compounds. Research on CBD is still iffy, inconclusive for anxiety. The testing that has been done on animals, has been done with extreme doses of CBD. Also keep in mind CBD can interact with other medications so talk to your doctor before trying it.

With that in mind, the highest THC content isn't always the best option. THC alone isn't typically as effective because #CBD and other #cannabinoids modulate the chemicals effect. Leading to believe THC by itself can decrease the usefulness of relieving anxiety. CBD binds to the CB1 receptor that is stimulated by THC and decreases the responsiveness of that receptor to THC. Cannabis users with more THC then CBD in their body, are more likely to experience anxiety.

If drama from the holidays has you all tightened up needing immediate relief, vaping is the way to go. If you have time to plan, edibles are great since they set in slowly. Other than that, method of consumption shouldn't really matter, being less important for anxiety then other medical conditions. A few puffs, or a couple milligrams of an edible should be effective.

With that being said, the best way to relieve stress for holidays  depends on your needs as an individual, seek out medical advice whenever you can. Seek out a cannabis specialist if possible.