Overlooked Factors That Influence Your Cannabis High

If you ask your fellow smokers what their favorite #strain is and why, it is very unlikely that you will hear exactly same answer. This is because consumers have different strain and flavor preferences, while others might be looking for a specific effect.


There are many things we are all aware about that people take into consideration when choosing their #cannabis. It's basic knowledge that if you are #wakeandbake kind of consumer, #indica might not be the best option due to its sedating effect. Most of early morning cannabis consumers who need to be functional throughout their day, choose to go with strains that provide #cerebral effect, with little to no body high, such as sativas. But what about other circumstances we are oblivious to, that can affect the high?

Cannabinoid Profile & Terpenes

#Cannnabinoids are chemical compounds that respond to receptors in the #endocannabinoid system. There are over 100 different cannabinoids that determine how a high will affect you. #THC is most commonly known for its #psychoactive effect. However, some consumers find its effects too stimulating, which results in negative side effects such as anxiety. #CBD on the other hand is widely popular for pain relief without mind-altering effects.

#Terpenes are chemical molecules that give plants its specific taste and smell. You have probably noticed that lemon scented strains have refreshing, uplifting effect, most offten present in #sativas. Cannabinoid and terpene profiles can vary from strain to strain, but they determine how a strain affects your high.

Dose & Tolerance

All people tolerate cannabis different. Knowing your #tolerance and dosing accordingly is extremely important to achieve most optimal results. Frequency of consumption, duration of consumption, body chemistry, among other factors affect #tolerance.

For example, a veteran smoker can easily take a dab and enjoy a great high, while a newbie to cannabis lifestyle is more likely to experience negative effects that come with talking too much - excessive coughing, dizziness, and being stuck to the couch. Dosing according to your tolerance will make a lot of difference when enjoying cannabis.

Delivery Method

How you ingest cannabis can greatly affect your high. Smoking a #joint will deliver completely different effect you would achieve if you had an #edible. Each ingestion method affects your body differently. For example, if your goal is a heavy, more potent high, #dabbing cannabis oil will deliver that result almost instantly. Vaping on the other hand, provides more control of ingested dose, while edibles usually result is longer lasting high.

It is very important to know your own tolerance and limits with each individual ingestion method. If you are not sure, or just trying a new ways to consume, remember to start slow, and increase your dose as needed.


Have you smoked the same strain on several separate occasions, and noticed the results were different each time? How can that be? Logically thinking, same strain and consumption method should have the same effect. Wrong! Different scenarios, company, mood, and mental states can wildly affect your high. Your surroundings play a crucial role in the effect of your cannabis high.

So next time you enjoy cannabis, and achieve different than expected results, take few things into consideration - what was your mood and environment before you ingested cannabis? Were you happy, relaxed, comfortable or anxious and uneasy? What are your surroundings?

By being aware how cannabis affects your body, which dosage and delivery method is right, you will find so many ways to experience the perfect high.