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Starting the New Year with a Spark!

So you and the stoner family want to have a New Years celebration, but you want this one to be different. You want to play games, enjoy activities, everyone to be engaged and occupied. Preventing the ever so dreaded ‘couch lock’ during a social outing.

While going to another party is easy and usually pretty awesome. You really want this year to take is to the next level. Host your own holiday bash. You and all the 'homies' can enjoy some bomb food and entertainment all from the comfort of your own home.

We’ve compiled a list of some great games/activities to keep your party entertaining. Also some useful supplies you may need or to stock up on. Use this a drawing board to create a wonderful night, full of fun and shenanigans.


The Dankest new year!


As far as cannabis party ideas go, keeping your company entertained is something you want to focus on. Stoners are known for their creativity, coming up with ingenious game ideas. Consider this, creating an obstacle course, with checkpoints to toke up.

Depending on how much space you have and who brought their bong. You can be as creative as you want! Design a course using blankets and pillows to make a track, adding in obstacles or maybe even cardboard tunnels. Create checkpoints, with smoking stations, such as dabs, rigs, pens, gravity bongs or maybe you even have to carry a joint throughout the track! A competitive race to see whose the fastest stoner.


Back to a #Classic, #rolling Contests

There’s always that one guy who claims “Oh yeah man I roll the BEST joints” only to have someone else argue “No way dude! I can definitely do better” instead of watching the nonsense. Have them throw down, put em’ to the test.

Grab some papers of your choosing, preferably a brand everyone’s familiar with. Balancing the playing field with even amounts of product. Create a scoring system based on quality of burn and how quick it was rolled.


Stoners are known for their #Creativity

Definitely one of the most efficient ways to #smoke #cannabis. Basically, they pull the smoke into a sealed chamber, enabling you to #inhale it all. Most of the time, they’re made with a two-liter, but they can be crafted with other #household items.

We have a wonderful tutorial for creating them HERE


Food pipes!

It’s arts and crafts time! Grab your favorite #fruit or #vegetable. We’re going to turn it into a pipe. Some recommended foods include: Apple, Avocado, Banana, Pear, a Jalapeno or a zucchini. There’s a ton more but that’s just a quick list. Essentially you’re just going to need to put some holes in these foods with objects you have laying around your house, to create a bowl, tunnel, carb, and inhalation port. Apple pipes are extremely old school and are great to smoke out of.

A complete tutorial is available - HERE


Blanket Forts!

Something about #THC just makes you feel like a kid again. While there’s a ton of ways to entertain that feeling. This one is sure to get everyone in a giggly bubbly mood. Hot boxing a blanket fort.

With so many ways to create this masterpiece, the only thing holding you back is your imagination. Massive blankets, and large pillows will help facilitate your creation. Using chairs etc. to prop up ceilings. Another fun idea with a big enough area, build two forts, grab some Nerf guns, have a war.

There’s obviously going to be tons of joints and blunts at this New Years celebration. Let’s face it, you’ll probably end up rolling a few too. What if you could add some shine and flair to that joint? You know, something that really signifies a new year. Let me be the first to tell you… wrap it in gold.

Shine creates a line of rolling papers that are entirely gold, and yes they are #smokeable. They even come with a certificate of authenticity to ensure you don’t consume anything you wouldn’t want to. They come in cones, blunts and papers. Just start smoking the #dankest while rolling up some gold blunts.

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