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Top 5 most trending cannabis products in 2020

2019 was an amazing year for cannabis-related products and technology. Everything from CBD and #vaporizers to infusion devices and #cultivation technology saw innovations within this booming industry last year. With all the incredible products on the market California Green Cross narrowed down most popular products of 2019. We thought this would be a perfect time to showcase our customer favorites for the new year. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the top 5 must have #cannabis products 2020.

1. Deep Down Athletic Balm

It's no surprise that gym attendance spikes during the beginning of January. Many people are itching to make a fresh start in the New Year, and to burn off those #Christmas calories. Of course, this is amazing for fitness industry. Most fitness and health goals are result of people trying to live a healthier and happier lives. Unfortunately, about one in three people give up on their resolution by the end of #February. Everyone wants to be in the best shape of their lives, however not everyone likes dealing with the side effects - sore muscles. To our surprise, we noticed 30% increase in sales for Deep Down Athletic Balm by Cosmic View in the first 3 weeks of January. A 100% #organic, doctor-formulated topical blend of premium artisan ingredients, this #salve is packed with pain-relieving #medicinal oils and #herbs that work synergistically with full-spectrum #CBD- and #THCA-rich cannabis to relieve achy, sore muscles. Consumers who purchased this product, reported fast acting #pain #relief and faster recovery time, making it easier for them to continue with their fitness goals. $45

2. Motorbreath Indica Flower

This strain has gained its popularity in 2019 due to its delicious smoke with the hints of earth and citrus. Emitting an extremely gassy flavor and smell somewhat like fuel. Just a few hits of this gasy bud will leave you feeling #relaxed, happy, and euphoric. #Motorbreath by Simply Cannabis became the top selling flower, not just for its smooth flavor and fast results. Although tested over 26% #THC and over 29% total #cannabinoids, this flower starts at just $35 per eighth.

3. Yocan Evolve Plus Dabber Pen

This slim #wax #vaporizer has a dual quartz coil that promotes strong and flavorful #vapor. It also has a functional coil cap was designed to keep your #oil from leaking and prevent your mouthpiece from getting hot. This wax pen has a 10-second auto-shutoff feature that preserves your battery especially when you are outdoors. Having such feature helps in keeping your device from overheating as well.


4. MAC Indica Flower

Miracle Alien Cookies (better known as #MAC) crosses Alien Cookies with a hybrid of #Columbian and #Starfighter. MAC is a gorgeous resin-covered flower with a #dank, gassy musk and sour citrus highlights. The smooth flavors of MAC have thick zesty orange notes that are balanced out by floral accents and a sweet, earthy finish. Harvested by Woodland Reserve MAC is sure to leave you relaxed, happy and giggly. $55

5. HiFi Bite

For those still afraid of #edibles, fear no more! Popular for its convenience, discretion and a flavor for everyone's taste, #HiFiBite has become customer and industry favorite. Available in #DarkChocolate, #MilkChocolate and #WhiteChocolate, each #Bite contains 4 doses of 25mg THC conveniently prepackaged in 10mg units.


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