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Velvet Swing - Sex and Cannabis

Sexual lulls are normal, even for most passionate couples, as time goes on, #passion fades. When you feel like fire is burning out, take control and try something a little different. Even a smallest change in the bedroom may have an enormous impact on your #lovelife. It's a common knowledge that #cannabis makes everything better - it elevates your mood, it makes the food taste better, even working out is much more pleasant after cannabis consumption. What about #sexual experiences? Is there a way to incorporate cannabis infused product to intensify your pleasure and take orgasms to the next level? The answer is yes. #VelvetSwing - newest product on the ever evolving cannabis market. This #cannabisinfused sensual lubricant has been proven to deliver 8 out of 10 women stronger, more intense orgasms.

Whether you're a woman who wants to experience an #orgasm like never before, or a man, who wants to deliver performance of a lifetime, here are few things to know about Velvet Swing and how it works with human body.

How Do Marijuana Infused Lubricants Work?

Many of us are aware of correlations of #marijuana consumption and sexual enjoyment. Now you can enjoy this traditional herbal #aphrodisiac and its #libidoboosting powers simply by rubbing this innovative cannabis-infused lubricant into your #erogenous zones 20 minutes before sexual activities.

The two main #cannabinoids in #pot THC and #CBD, work together to relax tension in your muscles and increase blood flow to your vessels, resulting in easier and much more pleasurable intercourse. #THC dilates the small capillaries to increase blood flow and sensitivity, resulting in improved sensation of touching and increased sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

How Do I Use It?

Velvet Swing was designed with the ease of use in mind. Simply massage Velvet Swing all around and into your erogenous zone, approximately 20 minutes before you’re ready to get hot and steamy with your partner. Just 2 or 3 pumps deliver satisfying results to most women, however, if you are in for a stronger, more powerful effect, you may experiment with anywhere between 5 and 10 pumps. Experimenting what dose delivers the best results, is the best part with is part of the fun with sexual adventures.

Unlike other cannabis-infused personal #lubricants on the market, Velvet Swing is the only water-based lubricant of its type available, making it safe for use with latex condoms. In addition, Velvet Swing is free of #parabens such as alcohol, glycerin or propylene glycol making your experience free of irritation, discomfort of unpleasant sensations of any kind.

Will it get me high?

Although Velvet Swing contains cannabis, it's lightly sweet aroma and physical effect on the body, will keep your frisky bedroom activities a secret. Since vaginal canal has no direct path to the bloodstream, applying Velvet Swing will deliver all the benefits of the #stoned sex, leaving you completely #sober and in control. Since cannabis #topicals do not show up on any common drug screening tests, your secret nights of intense pleasure will stay a sweet secret between you and your partner.

How Does It Feel?

While every woman is different, many report a localized warm, tingling sensation when they apply Velvet Swing to their intimate areas. Velvet Swing increases your libido and desire while putting you in the better mood. It also makes your orgasm more powerful and much more intense for an amazing addition to your sex life.

Who Can Use Velvet Swing?

With #ValentinesDay approaching, Velvet Swing makes it a perfect addition in the bedroom for both you and your partner. As a woman, you are guaranteed to experience sex like never before - pure ecstasy. And if you are a man, who just happen to stumble upon this product, rejoice - you just discovered the secret to becoming a #sexgod. Regardless what role you play under the sheets, Velvet Swing will forever change how you and your partner enjoy sex.

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