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  • Sativas, Indica and Hybrid. Not Created Equal.

    To a consumer, what is indica/sativa? Sativa and Indica are heavily known for their assumed effect profiles. #Cannabis users who hear "Sativa" typically think of an energizing and #uplifting experience. People who hear "Indica" typically think of a heavy #stoney high, with deep relaxation properties. The cannabis industry uses these labels as a way to market cannabis products. However, the effects that we have known to be #sativa, aren't always made by a sativa strain, the same goes for i#ndica. These terms are much more useful for growers then consumers. When thinking cultivation, sativas used to describe the growing physical characteristics of the plant, tending to be taller and skinnier, with long skinny leaves with a longer flowering stage. While Indicas on the other hand are shorter and bushier, with wide broad leaves. The beauty of the hybrids Every season, growers are aiming to produce new #strains from different #genetics. These strains are typically grown to increase specific effects in the cannabis plant. Such as certain #THC - #CBD ratios, or #terpeneprofiles. This way the consumer can precisely pinpoint the strains that suit them best. Coming in all shapes and sizes, the structure of the plant itself varies based off of the plants parents. In short, #hybrids are a crossbreed combination of indica and sativa plants. What should you look for to understand strain effects? The general idea is that sativas are more invigorating and energizing, while indicas are more relaxing and calming, but it's not that simple. Each individual plant can produce varying effects, even in the same strains of cannabis. Most important to keep an eye out for is the plants chemical makeup, instead just looking at sativa or indica read the description the posted by the grower/#dispensary. Typically strain's produce similar effects, although different phenotypes can altar that. #Terpenes and #Cannabinoids are the chemicals responsible for the effects of cannabis, which a strain usually standardizes. What are Cannabinoids? The #marijuana plant contains many chemical compounds called cannabinoids. These naturally occurring chemicals are responsible for many of the effects marijuana use. Research still hasn't been shown what all the cannabinoids do, but they have nailed down two main ones: #tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and #cannabidiol (CBD). THC is the main #psychoactive compound in marijuana  plants. It’s what produces the “#high” or state of #euphoria linked to marijuana. THC levels have been steadily rising as growers try to increase it's production genetically. CBD isn't psychoactive therefore there is no "high" or euphoria. On the other hand, is has seemed to show potential for reducing pain and nausea, preventing #seizures, and lightening #migraines. Research has also found some less common cannabinoids: #Cannabinol (#CBN) is utilized to ease symptoms and side effects of neurological conditions, including #epilepsy, seizures, and uncontrolled muscle stiffness. #Tetrahydrocannabinolacid (#THCA) is similar to THC, but it doesn’t cause any psychoactive effects. Its benefits can include minimizing inflammation from arthritis and autoimmune diseases. It may also help symptoms of neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and #ALS. Although when heated, is converted back to THC. #Cannabigerol (#CBG) is thought to help some psychological conditions, reducing anxiety, symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and depression. Let's talk about #Terps, or Terpenes Most of the attention is paid to the THC and CBD  content in any given strain, but new data suggests that terpenes may be just as beneficial and effective. Terpenes are a natural occurring chemical in the marijuana plant. The terpenes in the plant directly effect it's smell. They could also be responsible for certain qualities produced by a specific strain, and the effects it has. Although there are over 200 known #terpenes, the most commonly known terpenes in cannabis plants include: Bisabolol: An aroma of #chamomile and tea tree oil, the terpene #bisabolol is said to reduce inflammation and irritation. It could also have microbial and pain relieving  properties. Caryophyllene: Peppery, and often described as #spicy, may reduce anxiety, relieve depression, and help ulcers. Eucalyptol: Similar to #eucalyptus, this terpene is refreshing and invigorating. It might reduce inflammation and fight bacteria. Humulene: A earthly/woody terp similar to hops or cloves. This has potential to reduce inflammation. Limonene: Lemony and sour notes come from this terpene. It’s said to improve mood and reduce stress. Linalool: #Floral essence, is said to help improve relaxation and create a boost in mood. Myrcene: Simply the most common in cannabis, earthy and herbal which can help relax anxiety and insomnia for a better nights sleep. Ocimene: Aromas of basil, mango, and parsley. Known for helping the congestion process and warding off viruses and bacteria. Pinene: Smells like #Christmas! This terpene has a sharp pine aroma which could help boost memory, ease pain, and help some of the not-so-pleasant side effects of THC, such as nausea and coordination problems. Terpinolene: This terpene smells like apples, cumin, and conifers. It can have sedative, antibacterial, and #antifungal properties. All in all, the world of Cannabis is still new to the scientific community, mostly due to legality issues. Now that #marijuana is becoming more main stream, research continues to expand and open new horizons in the #community.

  • Velvet Swing - Sex and Cannabis

    Sexual lulls are normal, even for most passionate couples, as time goes on, #passion fades. When you feel like fire is burning out, take control and try something a little different. Even a smallest change in the bedroom may have an enormous impact on your #lovelife. It's a common knowledge that #cannabis makes everything better - it elevates your mood, it makes the food taste better, even working out is much more pleasant after cannabis consumption. What about #sexual experiences? Is there a way to incorporate cannabis infused product to intensify your pleasure and take orgasms to the next level? The answer is yes. #VelvetSwing - newest product on the ever evolving cannabis market. This #cannabisinfused sensual lubricant has been proven to deliver 8 out of 10 women stronger, more intense orgasms. Whether you're a woman who wants to experience an #orgasm like never before, or a man, who wants to deliver performance of a lifetime, here are few things to know about Velvet Swing and how it works with human body. How Do Marijuana Infused Lubricants Work? Many of us are aware of correlations of #marijuana consumption and sexual enjoyment. Now you can enjoy this traditional herbal #aphrodisiac and its #libidoboosting powers simply by rubbing this innovative cannabis-infused lubricant into your #erogenous zones 20 minutes before sexual activities. The two main #cannabinoids in #pot THC and #CBD, work together to relax tension in your muscles and increase blood flow to your vessels, resulting in easier and much more pleasurable intercourse. #THC dilates the small capillaries to increase blood flow and sensitivity, resulting in improved sensation of touching and increased sexual pleasure and satisfaction. How Do I Use It? Velvet Swing was designed with the ease of use in mind. Simply massage Velvet Swing all around and into your erogenous zone, approximately 20 minutes before you’re ready to get hot and steamy with your partner. Just 2 or 3 pumps deliver satisfying results to most women, however, if you are in for a stronger, more powerful effect, you may experiment with anywhere between 5 and 10 pumps. Experimenting what dose delivers the best results, is the best part with is part of the fun with sexual adventures. Unlike other cannabis-infused personal #lubricants on the market, Velvet Swing is the only water-based lubricant of its type available, making it safe for use with latex condoms. In addition, Velvet Swing is free of #parabens such as alcohol, glycerin or propylene glycol making your experience free of irritation, discomfort of unpleasant sensations of any kind. Will it get me high? Although Velvet Swing contains cannabis, it's lightly sweet aroma and physical effect on the body, will keep your frisky bedroom activities a secret. Since vaginal canal has no direct path to the bloodstream, applying Velvet Swing will deliver all the benefits of the #stoned sex, leaving you completely #sober and in control. Since cannabis #topicals do not show up on any common drug screening tests, your secret nights of intense pleasure will stay a sweet secret between you and your partner. How Does It Feel? While every woman is different, many report a localized warm, tingling sensation when they apply Velvet Swing to their intimate areas. Velvet Swing increases your libido and desire while putting you in the better mood. It also makes your orgasm more powerful and much more intense for an amazing addition to your sex life. Who Can Use Velvet Swing? With #ValentinesDay approaching, Velvet Swing makes it a perfect addition in the bedroom for both you and your partner. As a woman, you are guaranteed to experience sex like never before - pure ecstasy. And if you are a man, who just happen to stumble upon this product, rejoice - you just discovered the secret to becoming a #sexgod. Regardless what role you play under the sheets, Velvet Swing will forever change how you and your partner enjoy sex.

  • Medical Marijuana & CBD for Dogs: Everything You Need to Know

    Increasing in popularity is #medicalmarijuana for dogs and CBD products for pets. Stirring up some confusion in pet owners who were interested. We have provided some info about legal issues, safety, research, and the industry itself. Treating puppy arthritis with CBD oil. Reports have shown two dog owners who have used #CBD with success for their dogs. In both cases, the outcome shocked them. An owner had a 13-year-old Akita struggling with degenerative arthritis. Even through being treated, the dog had lost interest in going outside, didn't want to move, and was extremely anti-social. The owner had never considered medical #marijuana for her pet, nor had she heard of CBD oil for dogs, but after finding a product called Therabis at a #PetExpo, she gave the #hemp-based product a try. The results absolutely stunned the owner. He was back to his old doggy self the very next day. Frolicking around in a playful manner. The next obstacle was the stairs and after overcoming that, he's now able to go out on four to five mile hikes. Treating a dog with cancer with CBD oil An owner with a shepherd-golden mix was only four when diagnosed with #cancer. This was devastating, the owner, not wanting the dog to live a painful life, scheduled an appointment to have him put down. After doing so, he started adding #CBDoil to the dogs food hoping it would save the dog a little pain. A dramatic change occurred. A much happier #dog, with his appetite coming back, and a brightened attitude, the owner could push the appointment a few weeks back. Not thinking it was a cure, but just wanting to provide an added blanket of comfort. These are just some of the pet owners who have reported marked improvement after using a #cannabis product on their #animals. Pet parents seek it out for a diverse array of dog ailments like nausea, pain, arthritis, seizures, and anxiety. In most cases these products aren't even derived from the marijuana plant. An explanation is offered below. Main Differences Between Marijuana and Hemp. It's important to understand the differences between marijuana and #hemp because they contain varying amounts of chemical compounds that affect your dog completely different. Marijuana refers to the plant’s buds, leaves, and resin. The rest of the plant is considered hemp, although that's not recognized under federal law. Marijuana contains CBD and other chemical compounds but is known for its high levels of #THC, which is the substance that causes a #psychoactive effect in humans and dogs. Small amounts of THC may be helpful for some dogs, but it can be risky due to the fact it's difficult to dose and too much can be toxic. Hemp, contains less than .3% #THC but has high amounts of CBD or #cannabinol, which is non-toxic. How does CBD affect your dog? Similar to humans, dogs have what are called #cannabinoid receptors in their bodies. These receptors are part of the #endocannabinoid system. Which works to balance several bodily functions, including: Mood, appetite, memory, metabolism, sleep, pleasure, movement/coordination and immune system responses. As a naturally occurring cannabinoid, CBD is comparable to your dog’s #endocannabinoids. When CBD enters your dog’s bloodstream, it binds with receptors to help stimulate and support the endocannabinoid system in bringing balance back to any of the functions if they’re at a whack. Current Studies in Medical Cannabis for Dogs As more states pass legalization for both medical and #recreationalcannabis, veterinarians are finding they need clearer answers for clients seeking cannabis as an #alternativetreatment for pets. According to a #veterinary doctor, the truth is that not a lot of research has been done. Due to strict legal barriers, but that’s gradually changing as more states pass laws allowing research. A 2016 survey found that over 64% of dog owners reported hemp products helped their pets either moderately or a great deal. While that's a positive direction. Scientifically controlled research still needs to be done. So medical marijuana for dogs may be effective, but their not entirely sure. There are studies looking into the effects of marijuana-based drugs in treating some neurological conditions but nothing has been completed as of today. Legality concerns in marijuana for dogs CBD products for pets and humans, being sold even in states where medical marijuana is not legal, is confusing to most. The Drug Enforcement Agency or DEA states that marijuana is a Schedule 1 drug under the Federal Controlled Substances Act. However, this doesn’t include the plant’s stalks under the current definition of marijuana. CBD oil derived from marijuana would be illegal, but CBD oil derived from hemp could not be. Leaving the #DEA with no authority over hemp-based products. The Food and Drug Administration currently does not condone or recommend the use of medical #marijuanafordogs, and each state’s laws on the subject are different. Leaving the veterinary field divided on #CBDforpets. No state or federal laws that allow veterinarians to discuss #medicalcannabis usage in animals. Leading to a bill coming up which would allow such consultation to happen. Your vet may be reluctant to talk about CBD or cannabis as a treatment option for your pet. Although you can legally buy hemp-derived products like CBD oil for dogs and cats, which are rising in popularity for pain relief and behavior management. Uses of CBD oil for a dog can include: #arthritis and other types of inflammation-related pain, behavior problems, #cancer, digestive tract upset, inflammatory bowel disease, infections, intervertebral disc disease, kidney and liver diseases, #glaucoma, #seizures and other disorders of the nervous system, skin disorders, chronic pain management, separation anxiety, and noise phobias. Experts caution that CBD oil for dogs is not a cure-all, the demonstrated health benefits for pets have been profound and it doesn’t have the same side effects as many prescription drugs. CBD for pets, Popular Brands. A growing number of companies are selling CBD oils, capsules, #topicals, and treats for pets. With testing policies, specific ingredients, and consumer stories available on their pertaining websites. Many of these are sold as hemp oil, which may also be mixed with a dog safe ingredient like coconut oil. #Therabis: Cannabinoid compounds in three varieties treating: skin issues, joint mobility, and anxiety Canna-Pet: Liquids, capsules, and treats containing CBD and other cannabinoids #Treatibles: Blueberry and pumpkin-flavored CBD treats #Pawsation: Organic, non-GMO full-spectrum hemp oil for dogs. #BarkBox: CBD oil for dogs and CBD dog treats that are organic and vegan When looking for CBD products for your animal, make sure to check for third party testing. The best CBD extracts undergo testing for potency and strength. Another sign of quality is the term full-spectrum. Full-spectrum CBD oil for dogs refers to an extract that contains all compounds found occurring in the cannabis plant, including #terpenes, essential oils, and other cannabinoids. "Organically sourced" is another great sign, as it would contain no pesticides. Dosing with CBD for Dogs As with any supplement or medicine, how much of the #substance you take is just as important as the substance itself. Typically you wouldn't want to give them any without some sort of medical guidance. As with the size and weight of dogs, dosages will vary. Typically it won't take much CBD oil for dogs to start feeling better, so start light. When deciding dosage, your pet’s ailment, size, age, and other conditions will all play a role. Since it can be a little tricky, it's advised that people should talk to their veterinarian. My dog munched my stash! Will he be okay? CBD oil or other products meant for pets is one thing. Ingestion of marijuana is a whole different situation. With the legalization of recreational #pot, pets are becoming increasingly exposed to the risk of accidentally consuming. Cannabis is much more toxic to dogs than to humans, a few deaths have been reported, so the threat is real. Can dogs get #high? Yes. Is it a good for them? No. The #FDA says to contact a veterinarian if theirs suspicion of ingestion, side effects include: Lethargy, Depression, Heavy drooling, Vomiting, Agitation, Tremors. Marijuana for Dogs, and the Future There are studies underway which will hopefully shed some light on the effects of CBD in pets. Making sure that vets can safely determine dosage. Until research data is in,  the true outcome and safety of these products remain unproven. Discuss with a #veterinarian before deciding on treatment. Many people feel confident that #medicalcannabis and CBD oil for dogs are and will be highly effective medicines when used appropriately. If there’s a place to start, it’s doing your research. It's also important that you consult with your veterinarian first before giving your pet any kind of treatment.

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    Medical Limits & Requirements 18+ Valid ID Rec/MMIC 8ounces Dry Flower 8ounces Concentrates 8am-10pm Delivery Read More! Recreational 21+ Valid ID 28.5% Tax Limits & Requirements 28.5grams Dry Flower 8grams Concentrates 8am-10pm Delivery Read More! Medical Use California currently allows 2 types of Medical Use patients. To be a medical marijuana patient in the State of California, you must either obtain a: ​ a physician’s recommendation, also known as a Doctor's Recommendation or Doctor's Referral ​ ​ identification card issued by the Department of Health, also known as an MMIC ​ Is there a difference in an MMIC and Doctor's Rec? ​ Yes there is! Let's break it down... Where to Purchase and Consume? Marijuana can be purchased from a storefront or a delivery service, depending on local laws. California has placed time restrictions on what times legal retailers can dispense cannabis goods from 6am to 10pm. We here at California Green Cross deliver cannabis from the hours of 8am to 10pm to the greater Sacramento Area! See our delivery zone map if you want to check if you are within our delivery zone! Don't fall into our zone? No worries, the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) has a licensed dispensary search available for all cannabis consumers of California! Educate yourself on the difference in counterfeit cannabis products and licensed cannabis products; #weedwise (BCC) . ​ ​ ​ "Weed is legal now, I can light up a blunt anywhere I want" FALSE ​ Just because marijuana is legal in California, does not mean you can consume it wherever you want! Just like alcohol, cannabis can not be consumed in public places. As a matter of fact, smoking, eating or ingesting marijuana is still illegal to consume in public. Marijuana must be consumed in a private place. ​ ​ The Different Types of Cannabis Products Flowers Flower is the most popular for cannabis consumers. Want something quick & on the go? Try a preroll ! Edibles Edibles, which come in many forms from baked goods to beverages, are a popular way to consume without smoking Concentrates Looking for a something heavier? Concentrates may be just for you! Vape or add them to your flower. CBD All the healing, no high! CBD compound is non psychoactive and has many great healing properties. Other Cannabis goods come in many other forms, including topicals , tinctures , cartridges & more!

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